Popcorn Ceiling: Why is it Better to Have it Removed? 

Do you live in an ancient home? If you are, then there is a high chance your ceiling is a popcorn ceiling. This feature may not be your go-to aesthetic; however, since you have been living in the same hose for so very long, it may have come to our mind to question it.   

Are you looking up these days, wondering what you can do about the ceiling in your home? If you are, you can call a removal company to get things easily handled and removed. If you wonder why it is good to have it removed, focus on the things that follow to help you understand why your popcorn ceiling has to go.   

First, what is a process called popcorn ceiling removal?   

Popcorn ceiling removal is a known process in keeping the material you see crumbly in the ceiling of your home. This has been very popular many years ago. However, it has been found that it can provide various disadvantages to people. Through the discovery of how it may bring harm to an individual’s help, removing this has been practiced ever since.   

Getting rid of a popcorn ceiling on your own may be hard to accomplish. That’s why many people opt for calling a professional because it makes the task more achievable concerning the time provided. There is also the equipment needed to make the process easier.  

The process of the removal of a popcorn ceiling starts with introducing the ceiling to moisture. The ceiling is sprayed with a gun that has pressure to introduce water or moisture to the ceiling. Next, since the crumbles are softened, it is scraped off the ceiling surface through the use of an edgy tool. This process often eliminates the large chunks found on your popcorn ceiling; however, when this process is done, you can quickly proceed with your next pan in upgrading your ceiling.   

So why is it better removed?   

The popcorn, i.e., linings that have been very well known many years ago, is an interior presence that has been long overdue. Architects and interior designers nowadays do not find this material attractive besides the fact that the asbestos in it can harm people’s health.    

Removing popcorn ceilings also benefit in keeping a home cleaner. Due to the texture, it can accumulate dirt and dust very easily and can cause a change in the air quality of a home given the surrounding in the home has not been properly cleaned in any way.    

If you are planning to paint it because you didn’t know about the harmful asbestos in it to upgrade the look of your home, you may not very easily succeed. Painting is a difficult job. It would be best if you painted it at certain times and several coats to get the right shade uniformly distributed without patches of a darker or lighter shade of the chosen color. In the case of popcorn ceilings, it is harder to do a painting job. The texture makes the painting process a more difficult task, given that the holes or bums in it are not uniformly introduced with the paint.   

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Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal 

There are many benefits in getting rid of a popcorn ceiling, and to name a few, check on the details below:  

1. Ditch asbestos  

Asbestos poses a lot of harm to their is exposed to. On the other hand, the popcorn ceiling has asbestos in it that poses a hazard to the home’s health. Professionals have an easy way of keeping this in check through a piece of equipment that detects it. If detection of asbestos is found, it is removed with a gear that keeps the process easier while keeping the person doing the job safely.   

2. Easier clean  

Cleaning a home is not easy, so why would you go through lengths of arduous cleaning to keep the popcorn ceiling in your home sparkly clean as well? Given how a ceiling is located at a specific height, it looks be challenging to clean this area of concern. This is all the more difficult for people who have popcorn ceiling because they need to invest in scrubbing motions which requires a lot of balance and skill to get the job done. Since the surface is not plain, you should expect the process to take longer because more dirt and dust is accumulated on the tiny ones in between the bumps.   

3. Easy home upgrade  

Have you been wanting to upgrade your home but have been wondering where to start? Starting with replacing an old-school popcorn ceiling is the best way to brighten up space. Just like the flooring, which consumes a lot of space in your home, your ceiling does too. By improving this area, you will surely appreciate your space by giving the upper view a good upgrade.   

4. Better results in painting  

A painting job is never easy and is especially difficult when you need to look up, like painting a ceiling. When your ceiling is a popcorn ceiling, this will even be more challenging. When painting, the best surface to get the job done more smoothly and easy is rough painting a clean and smooth surface. Having a popcorn ceiling eliminates all that ease because the surface is bumpy and not plain. It will also consume more costs on paint.   

5. Eliminates ugly texture  

A newly installed popcorn ceiling may give off a different vibe which is suitable for some. However, when a popcorn ceiling becomes old, it may not give off the same aesthetic vibe as a newly installed one. You can try introducing moisture to the popcorn ceiling in your home to get the job done more quickly.   

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