Ways to Use Your Leftover Paint

After a painting project, it is common to have one or two gallons of extra paint. As professional painters agree that it is just right to have a bit of extra paint you should store for you to do some retouch, it is never reasonable to keep too much paint. If you have a lot of spare paint, you can actually use it in your creative and fun projects. A couple of hours of your time and a bit of paint can actually change your home as you bring your family home together for a useful crafting project. 

Design an accent wall 

You can design a unique accent wall for your home by using your favorite stencil. A decorative wall one of those amazing things that can make your room look interesting. 

Paint planters and flower pots 

Make your yard or home bright with a hint of colors incorporated on them. Once the distinctly painted pots are grouped into the decorative batch, they could look amazing. 

Give accent to your picture frames 

You can bring back the picture frames on your yard to life with a fresh paint coating. Think about utilizing painted frames in unconventional and unique ways. 

Revive furniture on your junkyard 

You can attempt to renovate unsolicited furniture. There is a time when they only need a bit of makeover or a bit of a touch up of paint or decoration. It can be a major aspect of your yard if you make an incredible one.  

Build a play area 

Utilize your spare paint to draw a permanent shuffleboard court on your driveway, four square, or hopscotch. Doing this can encourage your children to spend more time outdoors. 

Donate spare paint 

Property owners, who don’t have the interest or time to utilize spare paint for art projects, have another option and that is to donate your extra paint to your chosen charity. Many charities would love to have paints as donations. But keep in mind that there are common limitations on the quantities and type od the paints a charity can take. 

Safely dispose of paint 

If you are not interested in donating, keeping, or playing with your excess paint, remember that you can throw it away all the time but you have to make sure that you’ll do it properly. Painting wet latex paint is dangerous. Hence, you have to dry it out before you safely dispose of it. You can speed up the drying process by placing kitty litter or newspaper to the paint and then allow it be under the sun for a couple of days to dry. Afterwards, the best eco-friendly solution is to take it to the disposable centers near you that can usually be seen at home improvement stores within your compound. If you can’t see one, try searching on the Internet to look for the closest center near you.  

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